Frequently asked questions

Why Virtual staffing?

Virtual staffing enables you to employ remote professionals to meet your specific business requirements e.g., to augment your in-house team, adding a layer of efficiency, business continuity and scalability. Unlike in pure-play outsourcing; in the virtual staffing model, professionals join your project team remotely and operate as one team with your in-house employees under your project governance framework. 

What does the process entail?

We follow our standardized 5-step ‘DEARO’ approach to ensure your business needs are met (see details below). In the process, we ensure that your needs, core values and work environment are taken into account to meet your staffing needs. 

*Define > Engage > Agree > Recruit > Onboard 

Are the services provided from an off-shore location?

In short, yes. Through a virtual staffing model, you can take advantage of a more diverse, global talent pool at much lower operating cost. Furthermore, while the virtual staff may not be based in your home country, they will still operate as part your organization and team, and thus, the level of control and commitment you will receive will be much more than traditional outsourcing. 

Is there a need for any commitment?

Yes; we need a minimum 12-month commitment but we encourage our clients to sign-up for a two-year arrangement as it allows them to take benefit of our 24-month fixed price assurance. In our experience, a longer tenure also allows clients to reap the benefits of organizational assimilation and efficiency gains.  We also support shorter tenure requirements with clients who have multiple long terms virtual staffing arrangements with us. 

DEFINE: What information is required to initiate the process?

We will need the following information to get the perfect virtual staff for you: 

  • Job descriptions for the role(s)  
  • Any specialist skills, certification or experience requirements required 
  • Period of engagement (minimum commitment of 12 months) 
  • Potential for growth or progression in the role (if applicable) 
  • Reporting structure for the job role   
  • List of hardware and software required for the role 
  • Time zone overlap requirements  
ENGAGE: We have shared our virtual staffing requirements with you. Now what?

First of all, congratulations on making a prudent business decision.  

Our team will review the requirements and get back to you with our initial assessment and questions if any. At this stage, we would get on a call (preferably a video conference) with your team to nail down the nuances of the talent requirement.  

Post that we will get back to you with specifics on contract details and commercials. 

AGREE: What is your process to sign the agreement?

We have a standard agreement template that your teams (incl. HR and/or Legal) can review. Our team is happy to address any questions or make necessary changes wherever appropriate.  

The standard agreement template covers the following aspectscommercials, contract extension and termination clauses, non-disclosures, intellectual property, data security, offshore workspace requirements and support, standard hardware and software, additional hardware and software, connectivity protocols, business continuity, key responsibilities and expectations and arbitration clauses. 

Once both parties have reviewed and agreed on the terms, the agreement will be signed. 

Typically, this should take no more than 2 business days. 

AGREE: What IT assets will be provided?

Our standard kit includes the following: 



Details / Specifications 



Brand: HP, Lenovo or equivalent 

Processor: Intel Core i7/i9 

Memory: 16 GB RAM 

Mouse and keyboard 



Standard headset with microphone 


Full HD (built-in with the PC/laptop) 

Power backup 

Wifi Router UPS 


Windows 10 Pro 

Office 365 for Business 

Anti-virus software 

McAfee or similar 

PDF reader 

Adobe or similar 

Connectivity and telephony 

Wireless Data Card 

As per local availability 


As per local availability 

AGREE: What about additional software or hardware required for the role but is not included in the standard kit?

We can provide additional software or hardware that may be required as per your specifications and chargeback on an actual cost basis. For additional software (typically cloud-based), as a client, you can also directly procure the software (subject to any geographical restrictions). 

AGREE: How is data security managed?

We follow a robust and multi-pronged approach to ensure data privacy (the risks of lost, stolen, or leaked data) risks are mitigated: 

  • We sign strict non-disclosure agreements with all employees including the virtual staff. 
  • All our employees including the virtual staff working for you are required to undertake a mandatory data privacy training at the time of joining 
  • This training is supplemented by a mandatory annual data privacy training 
  • Based on your requirement, the virtual staff can undergo your organizations data privacy training as well. We highly recommend that you include this as part of the virtual staff’s induction 
  • All virtual staff work through a virtual desktop and access all your systems and business documents on your own server or cloud accounts 
  • All social media and personal email accounts can be blocked for all our employees, if considered appropriate. 
  • The USB ports in the PC/laptop are disabled to prevent any transfer of data through pen drives etc. 
AGREE: Who will own the intellectual property?

All intellectual property and related material, including any trade secrets, moral rights, goodwill, relevant registrations or applications for registration, and rights in any patent, copyright, trademark, trade dress, industrial design and trade name that is developed or produced by the virtual staff for you, will be your sole property. Other terms will be included in our service agreement. 

AGREE: Are there any tax or regulatory matters to consider?

None that we are aware of. However, we recommend that you consult with your tax or legal advisors for completeness. 

AGREE: What are the payment terms?

We will invoice you in Indian Rupees every month; the amount will be agreed upon mutually. Other terms will be included in our service agreement. 

AGREE: What are the terms for termination of contract?

In the event that you wish to terminate your agreement, you are required to provide 30 days’ written notice to us. Other terms will be included in our service agreement. 

RECRUIT: How will the interview process run?

We will take care of the recruitment efforts. 

We will bring forward shortlisted candidates based on your hiring requirements and job description for the final rounds. Once you make a selection, we will extend an offer for your virtual staff on our payroll.  

RECRUIT: What is the standard lead time?

This depends on the level of staff being recruited, the requirement of any specialist skills, etc. Based on our experience the lead time can vary anywhere between 60100 days. Typically, we see shorter lead times for more junior profiles. 

ONBOARD: What will be the onboarding process?

We highly recommend that you treat the virtual staff as your employee and make them undergo the same/similar induction process at your end. Elements like floor walks etc. might not be possible, however, these can be replaced by video calls, etc. 

ONBOARD: What will be the working hours?

We have three staggered shift timings to suit different client and project requirements. 

  1. 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM IST 
  2. 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM IST 
  3. 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM IST 

These options provide sufficient time zone overlap for the virtual staff to participate in calls and meetings in your time zone as per project requirementsThe time zone difference enables that the work keeps happening round the clock driving greater efficiency.

ONBOARD: What about holidays, leaves or other time off?

This will be based on Indian employment laws. Where possible and necessary, the virtual staff may be able to accommodate working on a local bank holiday. A detailed list of holidays and paid time off requirements will be shared in advance (e.g., as part of initial onboarding and on an annual basis thereafter). 

ONBOARD: What is the approach to continuous learning and development?

We highly recommend that you treat the virtual staff as your employee and make them undergo the same/similar L&D journey. At our end, we will ensure that we have periodic upskilling and cross-skilling programs to ensure your virtual staff remains best-in-class. 

ONBOARD: What about any work-related travel or other business expenses?

If deemed necessary by you, this can be arranged on an actual cost basis. 

ONBOARD: How will the year-end rewards and recognition work?

Based on your feedback, we will ensure your virtual staff is appropriately rewarded and recognized. We also encourage you to treat the virtual staff as your employee and where possible, provide appropriate recognition of their work for you.  

ONBOARD: What if the quality of work or the work-related arrangement is not satisfactory?

Just like your in-house staff, your virtual staff will also thrive and grow with feedback. As a standard practice, we encourage a weekly or bi-weekly feedback meeting with your virtual staff. 

When any issue around quality or work-related experience is noticed, we encourage you to bring this to the notice of the virtual staff member and document the discussion. If the situation does not improve within a reasonable period, we encourage you to connect with our community manager who can advise on the next steps including training intervention, local feedback, or resource replacement.  

ONBOARD: Are there any pitfalls that need to be considered?

Every approach you take will have its share of traps and pitfalls that can be avoided through good planning. We assure you that we care for you and your success and we will be collaborative we will make ourselves available for any teething issues or other matters that you wish to discuss. 

  • Once you have found the right candidate to join your team remotely, familiarizing them with your core values, your team members, business processes, work principles, and tools can take some time and effort.  

We recommend defining the onboarding and learning process beforehand, as thoroughly as possible, to mitigate this. We will be available to ensure that the plan is as robust as necessary and that the onboarding journey goes as smoothly as possible. 

  • Working with virtual staff can feel different; the distance and potential cultural differences may impact your ability to get the maximum out of your remote staff. 

We recommend taking some time to understand your new, virtual staff member and treating them as no different from your other team members. This creates a unique opportunity for both sides to learn about each other’s aspirations, cultures, challenges, etc. We will be available to facilitate any discussions if necessary. 

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