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Rapid KM Proficiency Diagnostics (RKMPD) tool

Nexelens’ Rapid KM Proficiency Diagnostics (RKMPD) tool is designed to help organizations quickly assess their Knowledge Management (KM) proficiency. While the RKMPD tool is designed to work for all organizations across industries and sizes, it is particularly effective for small and medium professional services firms, charities, and start-ups.

The tool helps organizations identify their next best action to improve Knowledge Management proficiency, improve ROI on existing KM investments and make strategic future KM investments.

The RKMPD tool plots organizational KM proficiency across four distinct and progressive phases: Beginner, Foundational, Advanced and Accomplished

KM benefits calculator

Build a KM business case like a champ.

Nexelens’ KM Benefits Calculator helps organizations articulate the potential financial impact of knowledge loss and the cost-saving and benefits of having a fit-for-purpose KM program in your organization.

L.E.A.D. Program

The L.E.A.D. program is a detailed, personalized 6-week leadership program that focuses on building Leadership, Engagement, & Analytical skills in young leaders.

The program is designed specifically for 16-24 year-olds keeping their job/business readiness in mind. Modules covered include Leadership skills (Problem Solving, Business Ethics, Wellbeing), Engagement skills (Body language, Written skills, Speaking skills, Listening skills), and Analytical skills (Research, Analysis).

The program is curated and delivered by proven business leaders with a collective and diverse multinational, leadership experience of more than 50 years.  

Course details:
Age group: 16-24-year old young leaders and aspiring leaders
Course duration: 6 weeks starting from 2 August 2021
Batch size: 15 (first come first served)
Fees: An introductory and heavily discounted price (for the first cohort) per participant is £100. The first 5 registrants get an additional early-bird discount of 50% on this price, i.e. they pay only £50 per participant!

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