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If you need a quick, practical and adequately nuanced assessment on your organizational KM proficiency, power zones and fatal flaws and high-level recommendations on your next best actions, the free Rapid KM Proficiency Diagnostics (RKMPD) tool offered by Nexelens checks all the boxes.


Nexelens’ RKMPD tool is designed to help organizations quickly assess their Knowledge Management (KM) proficiency. While the RKMPD tool is designed to work for all organizations across industries and sizes, it is particularly effective for small and medium professional services firms, charities and start-ups. 


The RKMPD tool, powered by Nexelens’ smart recommendation engine provides smart diagnostics which captures the current state of KM proficiency in your organization across four critical pillars: 

Section A: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Technology 

This section covers key indicators around knowledge sharing and collaboration technologies and related behaviors that underpin a proficient KM ecosystem. In a hybrid or remote working world, this pillar is table stakes. 

Section B: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Processes
This section covers key indicators around enterprise knowledge and content management processes that are the lifeblood of knowledge transfer, retention and access. Standardized and repeatable KM processes positively impact KM ROI. 

Section C: Knowledge Management Strategy and Governance 
This section covers indicators around the strategic alignment of KM ecosystem to business priorities and the required governance to keep things on track. The success or failure of KM programs are often informed by this pillar. 

Section D: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Culture 

This section covers indicators that spotlight the linkages between organizational intent, culture and incentives and adoption of knowledge sharing and collaboration behaviors. This is where the rubber meets road. Remember culture eats strategy for lunch. 

You can take the free RKMPD assessment now! It takes less time than a coffee break.

 The RKMPD tool plots organizational KM proficiency across four distinct and progressive phases:

  1. Beginner
  2. Foundational
  3. Advanced
  4. Accomplished

Nexelens’ smart recommendation engine analyzes inputs and highlights your organization’s:

  1. Power Zones: These are select and crucial KM aspects that your organization has established strength in.
  2. Fatal Flaws: These are select and crucial KM aspects that your organization needs to fix on priority.

The tool helps organizations identify their next best action to improve Knowledge Management proficiency, improve ROI on existing KM investments and make strategic future KM investments.

We are here to help. We can offer a deeper insight into your KM Proficiency Report by harmonizing your responses to your business challenges, requirements, and priorities. 

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