Our Services

Our clients across industries and scale are investing to make Digital, Knowledge, Content and Analytics work for them.

In this fast-evolving space, our clients are adopting the 'build to adapt' mindset and that is where we come in.

Our approach is to know our clients intimately, explore possibilities and alternatives and design solutions that will work for them today and can evolve for the future.

Our service strategy is built on our foundational values of Care, Collaboration, Excellence and Imagination.

Digital Workplace and Collaboration

Afford an intuitive and tech-enabled digital workplace for your people.


Supercharge collaboration and connections within your organization and with your partner ecosystem to drive efficiencies and get things done. Importantly, unlock human potential in your organization by creating an inspiring workforce experience.

Digital platforms & Workplace

  • Digital workplace strategy & implementation. technology¬†
  • Intranet development and management
  • Workflow automation

Social & collaboration

  • Social Media strategy and activation
  • Enterprise Social & Collaboration

Culture & Change

  • Culture consulting and activation
  • Change management

Knowledge and Content Services

If Knowledge is not managed well, it is mismanaged. Content is how Knowledge comes to life.

Knowledge Management (KM)

  • KM strategy and transformation
  • Full suite KM management services

Content Services

  • Content strategy, writing and editorial services
  • Enterprise content management services
  • Website design and management
  • Design: Design Thinking, UX/UI, Graphics

Research and Analytics

Incisive and insightful research, delivered on time and in context. Actionable and high-quality custom insights position our clients to make decisions that matter most to them. Extensive secondary research paired with the right analytics approach and visualizations and enhanced by deep domain knowledge creates a compelling decision lever.


Our approach to Analytics is to simplify, visualize and make it work for our clients. We do this by staying close to our clients and their context. Data analytics is meaningful only when it is nested within the client’s context.

Research Services

  • Competitive intelligence: Peer identification & analysis, Media monitoring, Newsletters & more.
  • Company & Industry analysis: Company profile & analysis, Industry studies, Market entry strategy support
  • Topical research: Commissioned research & insights studies on specific products, domains or topics (e.g.: Technology, Risk, Legal, Policy frameworks, etc.)
  • Thought ware: Thought leadership reports, Whitepaper, Concept notes
  • Survey designs & campaigns


  • Data analysis
  • BI visualizations
  • Survey analytics

Learning Solutions

Learning and Educational products, services and solutions including Learning products and platforms, corporate learning, institutional learning, instructional design services and learning content services.

Learning products and platforms

  • Learning strategy starter toolkit
  • Competency model toolkit
  • LMS deployment

Instructional design

  • E-Learning: design and development
  • Learning experience design

Institutional learning solutions

  • Industry-grade learning programs
  • Job readiness interventions

Educational products

  • Tie-ups with industry leading educational products

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